Daily Archives: 19 . August . 2005


Ahhh… Friday. 🙂 I love Fridays, because I see the weekend stretch out before me, and relish it with anticipation. I’ve made my to-do lists (I made them this morning over a cup of coffee) and while lengthy (and there isn’t a single mention of cleaning and laundry, but those have to be incorporated somehow, too) I’m sure that I’ll get some of it done, and some I’ll have to leave for next weekend. There’s only so much time… and my little boy needs attention too.

I also started in on a book idea. I’m not sure whether I’ll post snippets here or not at this point, especially since it’s so much in the starting phase, but I might. I’m excited about this story’s concept, as it’s one that I’ve had in my mind for a while now, but it hadn’t concretized into a story–I didn’t know how to tell the story, but I’m starting to figure it out now. I’m still flailing about somewhat, though, on getting my thoughts organized. I’ve always written from random inspiration, never using an outline. I think I will have to, this time, in order for this endeavor to be a success.