Daily Archives: 14 . August . 2005

Weekend drawing to a close

My journal pages in Tecu’Mish’s Orange-Pink color journal

It’s always with a bit of melancholy that I see the weekend come to an end. I never get quite everything on my to-do list accomplished… indeed I’m quite impressed with myself if I manage to get half of it done.

My layout in Sue Hipsky’s Orange-Pink color journal

I’m quite pleased that I’ve at least got the two “late” color journals done, and will mail them out tomorrow or Tuesday. I still need to pack them up and get them ready for shipping. I’m on to the next batch now, which are due out the end of the month.

I’ve gotten some ATCs done too, but now I’m not sure that they aren’t too late for the swap they were supposed to be prepared for… the “ology” swap, for which I was to create six ATCs. Well, they’re ready to go, but I’m waiting to hear from the organizer to see if I can send them on. If I’m too late, is anyone interested in swapping them? I’ll post photos later this week.