Daily Archives: 13 . August . 2005

Plugging away…

Close up of Sue Krekorian’s healing art doll

Well, this project has been one that’s been sitting on my shelf, “maturing.” I believe I received the doll and the journal around Thanksgiving of last year, and it was already way past the due date. I was the last of four people to work on her. I was so distraught by this doll when I got her that I just wasn’t sure what to do with it. Someone before me had added a face to the doll, but it was one I felt was at such odds with the rest of the doll that I was completely paralyzed as to what to do next. For months she sat and stared at me from my workbench shelf. I thought I could do one of two things… I could take the easy way out and just smack some boobs and arms on the doll, and be done with her… or ask for permission from the “owner” of the doll to remove the face and offer to replace it with a different one.

I ended up doing the latter, and she acquiesced. The doll sat for several more months on my shelf, as I built up the courage to remove the previous face and start on a new one. I saved the face, and glued it into the journal, hoping it will still honor the artist whose contribution it was. Today I finally started on the face, using Paper Clay as the medium. The doll is meant to be a healing doll, and the originating artist’s theme was aging and its challenges. I wanted to honor the crone (which seems to be a great theme with me for some time now), as with age comes wisdom and grace–there is beauty in age, even though we have been so conditioned as a society to overlook and dishonor it.

I hope, in the end, that I will do Sue’s doll justice, and that she will be pleased with it once she returns home to the U.K.