Bogging… seriously

Well, July has not been a very prolific month for me. I did manage to spend all of last weekend reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, after its arrival on Saturday around noon. I had it finished by Sunday evening, all 650+ pages. Must admit, any plans of productivity were dashed.

Today I went for a barium enema (lucky me) and if the procedure itself is unpleasant, the prep for it is equally so. I was on liquids yesterday to clean out my digestive tract, and as of 9PM last night, I wasn’t allowed anything, not even water. I was hungry all day, but the worst was yet to come… the laxatives. At the end of the afternoon yesterday, I had to ingest a liquid laxative at 5:30 and then another laxative, this one in pill form, at 7:30. Many hours later the tortuous bathroom visits began. While I did manage to sleep some, I was quite wiped out by the time I left this morning to drive myself to the appointment.

Ah yes… the appointment was for 9:30AM so I’d got there at around quarter after the hour, thinking that the procedure would start at 9:30. Wrong. It was to start at 10, and since nothing is ever on time with medical procedures, that was delayed as well. I was finally escorted to the back and donned the gowns, and then was led into this large room with a bunch of x-ray equipment. I lay on this bed that they were able to position (mechanically tilt) throughout the procedure. Nothing quite like barium, and then air, being pumping in from the wrong end. More than that borders on TMI (too much information). In any case, the doctor who was there for the first few moments of the procedure (who later left but gave the radiologist instructions as to which kinds of positions they needed x-rays taken from) commented that I have what is called a “redundant colon” and that should I ever have to go for a colonoscopy, they would have a hard time navigating through.

With the procedure finally done (and feeling quite like a balloon), I left for the apartment. All I can say is that it’s a good thing that Steve had placed a plastic garbage bag over my window overnight, because it came in quite handy on my car seat, albeit a touch later than I would have hoped.

Oh… and to top it all off, the switch for the driver side window of my car stopped working yesterday morning… with the window down. I was beside myself. It’s gaping open, so I had to pretty much empty the car of anything that might perhaps be of interest. So yesterday afternoon, in this sweltering heat, I’m making trips to the dumpster, to the garage, in an effort to empty out the car. The only bonus was that I found $20 that I’d apparently lost at some time. Did I mention it’s been hot?

I finally gave in and turned the air conditioning on in the apartment. It was 85F in here. I’d laid down for a nap and feel a little of my energy has been restored, but I’m not against laying down for another spell again. I threw some clothes in the washing machine, and will sweep the kitchen… if I’m feeling adventurous, maybe even mop… or not.


1 thought on “Bogging… seriously

  1. Anonymous

    HI ADR, guess who? Sounds like you been thru a lot lately. hope u r in good health and all.
    i can’t sleep tonite, and i have a job interview tomorrow. we will need to catch up soon.
    thanks for accepting me, faults and all! you are a special soul.

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