Can you feeel the love?

Gabriel’s Number themed ATCs

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, mostly because I’ve been busy, but also because I’ve been so tired. And rather uninspired. The bombings in London… this never-ending war that America fights in Iraq… the mounting cost of gas and housing… WHAT sort of world have we created? And I say WE because we are all collectively responsible for bringing into creation this “reality” that we perceive around us.

I recently heard about some folks in Tulsa that were bitching to get the Christian creationist myth to somehow be portrayed in the zoo, partly to counteract the evolutionist science exhibit and because there was a Ganesh statue with the elephant exhibit which they felt was an anti-Christian bias. In an effort to appease the request, the directors said that they would offer six or seven creation myths equal time. The matter was later dropped.

You know, though, that because there is *only* “one true way” (whichever way said observer believes it is) [big wink], it will
always be at odds with another equally adamant “one true way”-ist.

Indoctrination infuriates me… instead of enlightening the masses, it keeps them blind and bound… but OH so self righteous. Dogma wraps us up in the details, and we worry about which hand to eat with, and which to wipe our butts with… which way to face to worship… which direction to call in first… which way to hold our hand to receive the symbolic body of Christ… which parts of the body to cover and which to expose. Semantics… does it really matter? Only if we believe it does… that’s what brings it to “life.”

If we could worship ourselves (and each other) as we do our god(s), we would be that much closer to reaching the Source of all creation.

There *is* one true way… that of enlightenment… however you achieve it is a personal journey. Stop, just for a moment, and feel connection to every single living organism in the universe. Can you feeeeel the love?

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