Art Journals, Old and New

An artist journal that I kept during my first year of college
(Click to see journal pages in separate window)

I’ve been meaning to scan this journal for quite some time now, but always found something other to do which kept me from getting to the task. This weekend I finally decided that I would get it done, and so it is. When I look through these pages I remember my young self floundering with this task of keeping an art journal. I’d been journaling for a long time, and had kept a sketchbook, but I had never combined the two. What resulted is basically a sketchbook with some poetry interspersed between the drawings. I didn’t scan those in, partly because they are not visually appealing and don’t tie in to any of the visual aspects of the journal, and partly because they were then, and still remain, quite personal (and rather morbid, I might add). I was not a happy teen; those years represent a very difficult time in my transition from evolving from childhood into what I can only think of as pre-adulthood. It took me a long time to “grow up.” Not until my mid-twenties did I begin to feel somewhat like an adult, and even then…

So I share with you my teenaged self, full of searching and conflicting emotions and most of all, the need for acceptance and approval.


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