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Pieces of Me Journals

Some of my pages in Deb Jacob’s journal from the Pieces of Me collaboration

I finally got some pages photographed of the journal pages I’ve been working on in Deb Jacob’s journal. If you’ll remember, we started this collaboration a few months ago, in April, and my own book has returned to me, about a week ago. Time to start working in it once again so that it can make another round.

I find this all very interesting. I love the sharing aspect of this process. I hate to say it, but I don’t have very many friends. It’s not that I don’t like to have them, or that I’m unsociable, but everyone, including myself, is so busy, there is very little time to invest in a new friendship, so unless someone is an established “fixture” in my life, there is probably little possibility that I’ll be adding scores of new folks to my entourage. Further, my husband isn’t exactly the “social” type, so we spend much of our free time at home (we are both computer geeks, really) and our “big outing” on any given weekend is a trip to the book store or, even more seldom, to the matinee to take in a movie. We’re pretty darned boring folk. Our big Saturday morning event is me making bacon & eggs for us all for breakfast.

Anyway… getting back to the topic of friends… the ones both I and my husband seem to make mostly these days are of the on-line sort. Seems fitting, as that is where we met way back when (in 1992, when “the internet” had not yet become a coined phrase and 2400 baud was positively zippy). So, I salute all of my online friends, because though we may be separated by many miles and only linked by bandwidth, I’ve gotten to know many people quite well that way, and would definitely count them amongst the ranks of my friends, live or otherwise. I just hope that I’ll get to meet them all sometime.

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