A nap beckons…

My addition to Gabe Cyr’s “Midnight Blues at Sunset” color journal
Ocean Sunset, Conte charcoals and Sennelier soft pastels on Canson mi-teintes paper

Well, remember that nap I knew would threaten this afternoon? It’s arrived, and I am about ready to lay down for a spell. However, not before I post an image of the art piece I did for Gabe Cyr’s journal, whose theme is “midnight blues at sunset.” I’m not sure if this fits, exactly, but this is what I was inspired to do.

We went to see Howl’s Moving Castle this afternoon at the Spectrum theatres. It was good, but interesting to note how much it deviated from the original story line. I’m glad that the Harry Potter movies so far are true to the books. In any case, Gabriel loved the movie, and probably more so because he hasn’t gotten much read into the story yet, and didn’t spend the whole time comparing the book to the movie. The animation, as expected, was phenomenal.

Off for my nap…


1 thought on “A nap beckons…

  1. Kathleen Marie

    Oh, this is so beautiful. I love the look of pastel. I’m fond of the colors you used. 🙂 Glad you are on the artjournals group.

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