Raw Art Project (Day 3)

Self-portrait, Gocco print

Well, I promised color and here it is. After a year’s worth of hesitation, I finally decided to pull out my Gocco printer and give it a whirl (though I’ve been ordering paints for it for the last couple of weeks specially for this momentous event). I shot some digi photos of myself and then brought them in to Photoshop. I wanted to print on black paper, using pearlescent paints, so I manipulated the image somewhat and then printed it out as a negative on my laser printer.

After several trys and duds (like not putting a sheet of cardstock underneath the original when I was flashing my master, resulting in an interesting, though unwanted, square graph pattern on the master), I finally got a master that I was pleased with. I printed and trashed many prints, and finally ended up with nine I was happy with. Here’s one of them.

How that I’ve finally tried the darned thing, I’m seeing the potential… just need to figure out how to get Photoshop to do what I am envisioning in my mind, so that I can print out the originals to make the masters with.


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