Raw Art Project (Day 2)

Self-portrait, pencil sketch

The day started off with a drive up to the Kerlan-Jobe Medical Center just past LAX. We got a call last night to be there for 10AM, so we left just after eight and ended up getting there forty minutes early. I was under the impression that surgery would start shortly after and so I decided to hang around the waiting room figuring that Steve would be out around 1:30PM or so, and we could grab some lunch. Well, it was an hour later than that before the doctor finally came out to let me know how the surgery went. Lots of repair work took place; reattached a bicep tendon, removed bone spurs, arthritis and bursitis and remobilized the shoulder, which had many adhesions keeping it from moving properly. Steve was in recovery for another hour after that.

Another pencil sketch today. I moved the mirror so it’s not stuck to the wall behind my worktable, which I had to crouch down in a funny (and uncomfortable) position in order to see. Maybe I’ll get more adventurous and try color next… or not.


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