Raw Art Project (Day 1)

Self-portrait, pencil sketch

I signed up to participate in a month-long project where the participants each select something that they would use as a model/subject, and create artwork using a variety of art mediums. The format of the artwork is 5″ x 5″, which will eventually be distributed amongst the participants, so that we each get one piece of each person’s artwork.

I chose to use myself as the subject, mostly because I lack imagination in that regard. I will certainly experiment with mediums and also with layout options (i.e., perspective, composition, lighting, etc.).

I’ve been busy at work and find that I’ve been waking up in the morning only to discover that I’ve been working all night in my dreams. I need to really zen-out. My head feels like mush these days… hence my art is less prolific and poopier than when I’m feeling real creative. Exhaustion will do that to you.

Tomorrow I get to accompany Steve for some orthoscopic surgery, though he’ll be put under, so if they decide that he needs more work, they’ll be able to get in there. It’s an in and out procedure-can’t believe how lightly they take these things anymore. They’ll be torquing on his right shoulder, so hopefully within a week or so, he’ll start to feel better (versus the perpetual pain and discomfort he’s been in since his mid-March crash which dislocated the shoulder in the first place).

Well, a lambic raspberry Belgian beer is calling my name… and I’ll be reading for as long as my eyes will stay open.

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