Communing with my inner geek

This weekend was the opening weekend for Star Wars Episode III, and since my nine year old has been anxiously awaiting it for months now, I decided to brave the heat and crowds this Saturday, rounded up the crew and go see it. We went to the Spectrum Theatre in Irvine, and as we were standing in line, a line that wound around the side of the building to some sparse shade afforded by diminuative olive trees, I was thinking back to 1977, when the first Star Wars movie came out, and how I’d obstinately refused to be sucked into the hysteria. While girls swooned over Mark Hamill, and kids all over were crying “may the force be with you” and reciting lines from the movie, I was busy saving up my pocket money so that I could buy a new pair of disco pants and spend my Sunday afternoons at the roller rink getting down and boogie-oogie-oogie-ing.

I honestly don’t remember when I finally saw the Star Wars movies, but I’m sure that I didn’t see any of them in a theatre, at least, that is, not until Star Wars Eposide I. The advances in digital technology are startling, and the special effects have come a loooong way. If this is how far we’ve come in the last 30 years, imagine what it will be like in the next 30?

Anyway… back to my standing in line story, with a few hundred of my fellow movie-goers. This weekend was also the KROK Weenie Roast, which was also happening in the area, and I was chuckling to myself that I had truly blossomed into my inner geek self, because instead of sweating in the sweltering heat, getting sunburnt to a crisp but not caring one bit because of the massive quantities of alcohol (or other unmentionable substances) that I would perhaps be consuming while further damaging what is left of my eardrums, I was standing in line to go in to see the final episode of Star Wars on an IMAX big screen.

I’ve come a long way, baby.


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