‘Vegas, motos & losing my artsy mojo…

Supercross Practice at UNLV Stadium
Grant Langston
Photos shot by Gabriel Giberson

We got back from ‘Vegas yesterday afternoon. I’ve gotta say, I was in no mood to resume work this morning, particularly since Gabriel (my nine year old) slept in the bed with me and ended up kicking me, repeatedly, from about 2:30AM til I got up at 5:30 or so. Normally, my husband will move him back to his bed when he comes to sleep a bit after midnight, but last night he ended up falling asleep in the living room, and didn’t get to bed until after my alarm went off. So… I was pretty bushed this morning, to say the least, and already suffering from the normal after-vacation-first-day-back-at-the-office denial.

In any case, ‘Vegas was fun. The racing was fun to watch… though through some snafu, my bank account became off-limits and minus the bit of cash that I brought with me, we were pretty much on a minute (did I say miniscule?) budget so not much was done beside watching the racing and hanging out at the hotel. We stayed at the Fairfield Resorts, which was just one block east of the Strip, off of E. Harmon and north of Tropicana. Nice place. We had a one bedroom suite, and if another bedroom would have been added on, it would have been larger than our apartment is. The only catch was having to sit through a time-share presentation on Sunday morning, and the ensuing pressure sales… but we got $40 in chips for Harrah’s casino, so it made it a bit less distressing.

The MiniMoto Supercross was on Friday night, which was built inside the Arena at the Orleans casino, though we only went out to the track during afternoon qualifying heats and ended up vegging at the resort in the evening and missing the main event. I had a gnarly headache that kept me from wanting to do much of anything.

I pulled out my sketchbook and decided to play with the paints I brought along for the trip and ended up with the above piece. I think it’s mediocre at best, and I’m half tempted to pull it right out and trash it. Which leads me to my next thought… I can’t seem to create any art when I’m travelling. I pack everything up and bring it with me, but then I feel totally weird without all my other “stuff” to pull from, and creating in an unfamiliar environment. Not sure what that’s about, but it is what it is. I brought my camera along, thinking I’d shoot a bunch of photos, and didn’t even pull it out once. My son shot more photos than I did!

MiniMoto Supercross at the Orleans Arena
Photos shot by Gabriel Giberson

Saturday, we dropped my husband off at UNLV stadium, where the supercross race track was set up. Gabriel and I had “media” badges, so we were able to tag along with my husband to a Berik press conference, unveiling their new line of boots for next year. They had a really cool RC signature line (their top end model was the bomb).

Sharon Richards who is General Manager and Director of Client and Customer Services at OMS Sports as well as and co-President of the WMXF (Women’s Motocross-Supercross Foundation-see http://www.wmxf.org) was there on Saturday, and was also at the MiniMoto exhibitor booths at the Orleans, on behalf of the WMXF, selling those rubber wristbands that are so popular these days. The wrist bands sell for $3 and have the name/number of some of the top MX riders. Proceeds go toward helping out riders in the motocross community, including support of the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit, Motor Racing Outreach, injured privateer racers and others within the motocross community. Gabriel’s fave rider is Chad Reed, and so he was rooting for Chad throughout the race on Saturday night, and was stoked when Chad won. It was a close and exciting race, with Kevin Windham leading for a good portion of the race and then crashing, allowing Chad to pull ahead for the lead. Ricky Carmicheal came in second and Kevin was able to gain third place.

I missed the awards ceremony on Sunday night because we had no one to babysit Gabriel, so the two of us just kicked back at the hotel for the evening, hanging out in the pool and jacuzzi and then watching the Disney channel (they had “Motocrossed” playing-how apropos). The fun part about having a husband who is a photographer is that I get to see all of the cool shots he takes. He had some really awesome shots of Ricky from Saturday night, as well as some funny shots of Tyler Evans and Todd Harris, who was spoofing Evans’ tattoo of his name on his belly, and some pix of Chad Reed and Nate Ramsey, who where stylin’ in their pinstripes, looking very retro.

Me and a fellow traveller, who was riding the Goldwing (while Martin and I were on the -smaller- Suzuki)

All of this excitement makes me once again think that I ought to go out to the Learn to Ride day… I really would love to ride; in fact, in my late teens I’d repeatedly asked my parents for a motorcycle (the roadbike kind) and they refused, figuring I’d not make it to 20 if I got one. Perhaps they were right, since I really liked to go FAST, and ended up with a string of boyfriends with bikes. One year a boyfriend and I went on a long tour that went from where we were in the suburbs of Montreal through to Maine and then on to the Canadian Maritime provinces. It was cool to see some really beautiful country, but a drag as well, since it was raining a ton, and I ended up getting soaked and didn’t have appropriate rain gear. I spent weeks with garbage bags over my feet, stuffed into boots which had soaked through and never able to fully dry out. And leather pants, while they looked really hot, weren’t meant to be worn in lieu of rain gear. Ahhh… there’s just something about speed and the smell of leather… 🙂


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