Cinco de mayo

Artwork for Staci Allen’s Sage & Violet Color Journal
Mixed media collage on canvas

The title ought to bring tidings of merriment on what should be a festive occasion, particularly here in California, but for me, it brings mostly the end of another very busy work week, from which I am left exhausted, but happy that I am taking a few extra days off. We leave for Las Vegas in the early morning, and I’ve been busily packing this evening, and made it to the post office to finally mail out my Pieces of Me journal to Deb. I feel such the flake about the whole deal, but I’m also very glad that I have finally sent it off.

I worked some more in it during this past week, and find the process all at once enriching, liberating, frightening and enlightening. Glad it’s already brought me so much. I hope Deb will enjoy working in it as much as I have. I’d chosen a book to alter as a journal, and I find I quite enjoy having the text and images as background, whether integrated into the background, covered up entirely, or showing through in a ghostly specterish way. I’m inventing words… I think it’s time I went to sleep now. 🙂

But… not before I post some of the pages I’ve worked on…

Artwork from my “Pieces of Me” journal collaboration


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