Artwork for Staci Allen’s Sage & Violet Color Journal
“Almost Wine”

Wow, what a week. I’ve been really busy at work, and am just exhausted today. I got my massage with Otto this morning at 10:30, which was a much more mellow version of the previous one (though I’m still a bit sore). I’ve been working in Staci Allen’s color journal, whose theme is sage and purple. I received it the other day, and started working in it right away. I felt inspired to paint a couple of little watercolors along with the other pages I made. All this in between my naps today. I’d started the grapes painting last night, but finished it today.

Gabriel and I went to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy this afternoon, and stopped in at Rubio’s for a late lunch. I’d asked Steve to bring home some d’Elia’s meatball grinders from Riverside, as he had gone to Glen Helen to shoot some racing today, and was driving past there on his way back. We ate lunch so late that I ended up only eating a tiny bit of the sandwich… or it could have been all of those Twizzler’s I had… [sigh]

Artwork for Staci Allen’s Sage & Violet Color Journal
“Lavender Farm”

The lavender farm painting was completed this evening. I had such fun painting these. Both were rendered in watercolor, using cake watercolors. I have one more sheet to finish up and I’ve completed work on Staci’s book!


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