Sharing art & self? Cheap therapy? Exhibitionism? Dunno… you pick!

Several months ago I put out a call for a participant with whom I wanted to collaborate on a one-on-one visual journal. I dubbed the project “pieces of me.” Each one of us was to create a visual journal and then passing it over to the other person, so we’d be alternately working in our own journal and each other’s. Being incapable of choosing one person (or a sucker for punishment, not sure which), I ended up selecting three people with whom to work (so… three people = three journals).

I have already started with one of the three exchanges, my partner being quick to send me her journal (and I had planned on sending mine out earlier, but I am LATE!).

I’ll be sharing some of my more sordid history and pulling out the skeletons from my closets. So hang on to your hat for a trip through my Mrs. Toad’s Wild Ride. 🙂 While I’m okay “sharing” my own personal stuff, I will not post the other participants’ pages (unless they want me to) so my skeletons are the only ones you’ll be getting to see and read about. How cool is that? How excited are you?! Nevermind…


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