Saturday butt-kickin’ … or was that a massage?

I awoke this morning all excited about getting a massage. Someone from my work had recommended her friend, Otto, and so I called a got an appointment for this morning. Otto makes house calls, so I was even more stoked that I didn’t have to drive home after the massage-induced haze.

Well, I know my back is a wreck, but he did some REALLY deep tissue work on me and I figured I’d be a little sore afterwards. As I’m getting ready to turn in for the night, I asked my husband to put some analgesic cream on me, because I’d been hobbling around all afternoon, barely able to move or to sit down (he worked on my glutes, too). Geez! I’m bruised all over! Massage is NOT supposed to hurt this much, during or after the treatment. Next time I’ll be sure to tell him to lighten up. [sigh] It hurt more than usual when he was working on me, but I thought that I shouldn’t be a wimp, suck it up and take the deeper work. My husband and I had a conversation this evening that went something like this:

“Man, he kicked your ass.”
“Well, I have a pretty high pain threshold…”
“No you don’t, your a puss.”
“Yes I do… how would *you* know?”
“Naaawwwww… man he really whipped your butt… oh boy, can you tell I’m excited about *my* appointment next week?”
(I booked him an appointment for next Saturday because… well… remember he dislocated his shoulder a couple of weeks ago? Hmmm… I’m sure he’ll be asking Otto to “lighten up” too.)

Well… on to more artsy stuff.

I went to the ArtBar in Santa Ana later in the afternoon, to meet with Vickie Enkoff and her daughter Melanie Sage. Melanie ended up purchasing one of the two kilns I have. Vickie has a huge line of art stamps which are simply fabulous, and Melanie did also, but I discovered that she sold hers her her mom, so Vickie now carries all of them. Melanie also has a really cool line of transparency images, which I found out she has also sold off, but I can’t remember to whom. Last year I picked up a bunch of her image CDs, which had many of the transparencies which were sold separately all in several neat volumes. I’m stoked that the kiln is sold and that it’s now going to be put to good use… win-win.

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