Daily Archives: 17 . March . 2005

Brooding… and Piecemakers visit

I got a call just before noon from my husband that he was on his way to the ER because he’d crashed while riding a motocross bike. He works at a publication that covers all things motocross, and is the editor of the web edition of the magazine. While this sounds very glamourous, I am here to tell you that it is not. He earns about $10K less than I do annually, and gets perhaps one day off a week, because new content must go up on a more-or-less daily basis, certainly throughout the week. He also doesn’t get to sleep much before 2AM and wakes up at about 7:30 so he can chauffeur our 9-yr old to school in time for the 8:10AM bell.

Well, back to my pre-noon call… while I’m immediately trying to figure out what body part got broken this time (let’s see… first it was a fractured pelvis, then a shattered tibial plateau, then a broken rib… what next I wondered?). Turns out it simply was a dislocated shoulder, which was popped back into place and he was ready to be picked up by 3:30PM. I drove to Hoag after finishing up my work day and picking up my son, and was astounded to discover that the hospital has valet parking… can you believe that?! Only in the O.C.

After I picked him up, we were heading to Huntington Beach, where Don Jose, our favorite Mexican restaurant is, off of Adams. I’d driven by Piecemakers many-a-time and each time made a mental note to stop in “next time.” Well, today WAS next time, and I swung into the driveway and decided to go check it out (while hubby took a nap in the car).

Wow… what a HUGE place! They had so many things, it made my head spin! Fabrics of all kinds, for quilting and any other thing… silk ribbon and myriad threads… books… patterns… beads… and beautiful finished pieces of all manner of artistry for sale! Patti Culea-Medaris is teaching a class there this weekend, and I am SO tempted to take the class, but it involves pre-sewing the doll (using the patterns from her book “Creative Cloth Doll Making”) but I’m afraid I just don’t have the time… for either the prep or the classes, as it will be a two-day workshop, and would effectively eat up the whole weekend. [sigh]

On to my brooding… I’m a member of a Yahoo Group and have taken part in several swaps. I’ve sent my stuff out, but am still waiting to receive several pieces due me. I posted earlier today an inquiry about these items, listing the themes, the dates they were due and who still owed me pieces, and then asked when they thought they’d be sending them out. Very polite and everything. I got several emails back stating that previous posts had explained various ailments and personal impediments, and so therefore they were late, and basically how rude I was to think that art projects were more important than personal issues. Well, you know, I never said that. I never even implied it. I was then further bullied by one of the posters who felt it necessary to identify herself as a “moderator” of the board. Hmmm.

Life does sometimes get in the way of art, sometimes, and certainly if one is ill, or has other personal issues going on in their lives, certain obligations take a back seat. I think what is necessary, though, is to effectively and directly communicate with the people who have expectations of you. I don’t read all of the posts. I can’t… that’s all I’d be doing all day (and night) if that were the case. I belong on 50+ boards. I’d never get any work done. Or any art. I skim digests for things that catch my eye. Unless I get an email directly, chances are I’ll miss something, perhaps something important.

As far as moderating a board. I think that if you lack tact and finesse, you have no business moderating a board. While not face-to-face, you are dealing with people. I’ve been BB’ing for longer than I care to admit. That’s how I met my husband… when 2400 baud was ZIPPY and we were charged so much per minute of online access. I’m a veteran at this bulletin board stuff, and I am also quite articulate… and will re-edit my post a bunch of times before I finally hit the send button (at least I usually do so) in order to avoid offending anyone, but making sure that my message gets across.

There, much better now… I got it off my chest.