I am spiritual, but not religious.
I am an introvert, yet I like to express my thoughts and be heard.
I am kind and giving, but I expect the same from others.
I am hard on myself, but not so with strangers.
I have an open mind, but I have my own paradigm.
I have self-esteem issues, and yet I am proud of who I am.
I try to stay on top of things but I am a master procrastinator.
I have dreams that I wish to achieve but often I am paralyzed into inaction due to their grand scale.
I feel a pressing need to contribute to the world in a meaningful way, yet question my ability to provide anything of great value.


1 thought on “Contradictions…

  1. Anonymous

    The best thing about humanity is humans. The worst thing about humanity is humans. Humanity is a paradox of contradictions.

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