Gabriel’s illustration for “Balto”
Third Grade

Well, it’s interesting to me that nothing is ever constant but change. A little more than a week ago, I went to interview for a patent secretarial/paralegal position at a local law firm. As I hadn’t heard anything in quite some time, I figured that they’d either decided on an alternate plan or had hired someone else. This evening I got a call from my agency, telling me that they were ready to extend an offer, so she did. It’s a good offer, and so unless something unexpected occurs with my current day job, I will be starting at the new place in about two week’s time. I’m excited and of course anxious about the change. I love it where I am, but there was never any allusion to it being a permanent position from the moment I started, so I really have no reason to expect otherwise. However, since things change and evolve, and I have decided that massage is probably not the best career choice for me, I was hoping that a good permanent opportunity would present itself, and it has… so here I go-off on a new adventure.

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