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Gabriel’s illustration for “Balto”
Third Grade

Well, it’s interesting to me that nothing is ever constant but change. A little more than a week ago, I went to interview for a patent secretarial/paralegal position at a local law firm. As I hadn’t heard anything in quite some time, I figured that they’d either decided on an alternate plan or had hired someone else. This evening I got a call from my agency, telling me that they were ready to extend an offer, so she did. It’s a good offer, and so unless something unexpected occurs with my current day job, I will be starting at the new place in about two week’s time. I’m excited and of course anxious about the change. I love it where I am, but there was never any allusion to it being a permanent position from the moment I started, so I really have no reason to expect otherwise. However, since things change and evolve, and I have decided that massage is probably not the best career choice for me, I was hoping that a good permanent opportunity would present itself, and it has… so here I go-off on a new adventure.


Autumn ATCs done at last!

I finally finished up my Collage ATCs – they’ll be going into the mail tomorrow.

I’m tired today. I have been very busy at the office (which is good as it makes the day fly) but by the same token, I feel like just going home and taking a nap when I’m done (which I never do, because I always feel like I should be doing something more productive).

I made an appointment at for a mammogram for next week, so hopefully the discomfort I’m currently feeling in my right breast will soon be explained (or will soon go away, and I’ll be able to chalk it up to hormonal disturbance). I still have to call the cardiologist to schedule an appointment, and the dentist as well… oh yeah, and the GYN. [sigh]