Art, Healing & Dolls

When I first started making art dolls, the concept of art as a healing modality was not a new one to me. Last year the idea to combine art dolls and healing occurred to me as I pondered the use of dolls as fetishes, or as objects of directed (healing) intention or channelled healing energy. I decided that a journal to accompany the doll would be beneficial, to further expound upon the healing process desired by the artist, and for the contributing artists to share their stories in.

I took part in two groups and the last of the dolls from one of these groups is finally completed. I’ve had the doll for a long time now; she arrived around Thanksgiving, but due to some crazy work hours through until then end of January (when I finally basically had to drop one of my jobs due to exhaustion), and then slowing regaining my energy, creative and otherwise, I have completed work on the doll but must still finish the journal work.

When Lee Barker’s doll arrived, I felt that because I was the last person to work on the doll, and she seemed like she needed a finishing touch of some kind, I wanted to do something fabulous. I mulled it over and pulled out some beads and embroidery thread and got to it. It was minute work and my eyes just aren’t what they used to be… I have to pull my glasses OFF to do detail work and hold whatever I’m working on about 8 inches from my nose. I beaded and embroidered the bottom half of the doll, and added the hands and bracelets. I hope Lee will be pleased with the results.

2 thoughts on “Art, Healing & Dolls

  1. Patsy Terrell

    This is beautiful – amazing work. Really lovely. Wonderful. I can’t imagine anyone not being thrilled to get this. It’s gorgeous.

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