Daily Archives: 27 . February . 2005

Morning hours & nocturnal ATCs

It’s so nice and quiet in the mornings in our apartment. Today is Sunday, and even the usual hum of car traffic outside the patio window is at a minimum. The birds are chirping and singing. I am brewing a pot of coffee and will get up for a cup in a minute, but for now I’m savoring the peacefulness of this moment.

I completed my ATCs for the Belle Papier ATC swap for this month. The theme was night/nocturnal so I decided to make a card featuring the moon. I started with black cardstock, which I painted with Twinkling H2Os using a feather and a toothbrush. I holepunched a circle out for the moon, and inserted behind the hole a transparency I’d printed out with the moon’s image on it. Then I smeared the transparency with some mica dust and sandwiched a white card behind it. I like how they turned out. 🙂

I’m not sure what I want to do today. I half feel like going to take a class with Kelly Kilmer at A Little Bizaar in Lake Elsinore, but that would effectively take up my whole day, and I’m not sure I can afford to use up that much time on a single thing. I was thinking of driving out there anyway today, to go to the storage unit and get out a number of other boxes… things I keep wishing I could lay my hands on, but remember that they are waaaaay over in Murrieta, in the storage unit. All of my photos and memory books are over there, and I’ve been wanting to use some in my artwork lately. Usually the problem lies in convincing my hubby to drive out there and get more boxes out, because in his opinion, he feels were already have waaaay too much stuff in the apartment and garage as it is. And he’s probably right… but… 🙂

My son just got up… and the T.V. just went on. Well… off to get my cup of coffee.