Well, here goes nothing…

I’ve been meaning to keep a BLOG on my website (at http://www.onesundayafternoon.com), and started a quasi-BLOG under the “calendar” heading, but updating the sucker is too much of a pain in the booté, so I haven’t updated it since November. For shame! I figured this way, if it’s simple enough, I’d be more likely to post, and since my website is “supposed” to be somewhat professional (i.e., a showcase of my artwork, in the hopes of selling artwork and/or garnering gallery interest) perhaps it’s not the greatest venue to “display” my dirty laundry, so to speak.

So here I am. I am currently obsessed with ATCs (yes, an acronym for Artist Trading Cards) but I always bite a whole lot more off than I can chew at once. I signed up for a Yahoo Group of ATCers, and proceeded to sign up for a whole bunch of swaps… four of them, in fact, so I now have to make 4 sets of 4 cards for four separate swaps — hold on while I whip out my calculator…that’s a total of 64 cards. What was I thinking?! In any case, I have six sets of four made, so I’m a little less than halfway there.

I’m a nut when it comes to these things… I feel like I need to do something different. I read on another blog this evening (Madwoman’s Lunchbox) that a lot of the ATCs are looking very similar. I have to say, I agree. It’s tough when everyone shops at all the same stores, and every one of them has all of the same supplies, and everyone looks at all the same books and magazines for inspiration. I’ve read somewhere that artists usually start out by imitating the art of artists they admire, and then go on to find their own voice. I can see how it would be useful to “plagiarize” when experimenting with techniques and such, but then it would be nice to see the techniques personalized. I dunno… maybe I’m blowing hot air.

I’m getting really bored with the vintage photo stuff, especially when it’s not my own. I can get into them if they’re of my family, as they have personal meaning to me, but to slap someone else’s ancestors on my stuff… I’ve been there and done that, and so has everyone else.

I went to the art store the other day and saw a kit of oil paints on sale. Since I can’t resist a good deal (especially at the art store) I bought the kit. I proceeded to purchase several more tubes to outfit my “set” and will pull them out this weekend and experiment with them. I bought Duos a while back, and tried them, but I found them to be dry and lacking the lustrous glide that I remember oils as having. The painting turned out ‘okay’ but I don’t think it’ll be my medium of choice.

I have a threaded beading needle pinned to my shirt, ready to get to work on two more ATCs (as part of one of the aforementioned 4-piece sets). I like these, because I pulled a photo into Photoshop of a chest x-ray, and tinted the heart. This is, after all, a “love” themed ATC series, and I added the type “Where does LOVE come from?” along the left edge of the card… or… eeeer… well, since it’s fabric, I’m not sure “card” is entirely the correct term, but it is two-and-a-half inches by three-and-a-half inches.

I also went for a job interview today… a patent secretarial position at a local patent law firm (the job that allows me to pay the bills… and provides for my art store shopping visits). There’s another candidate that they are planning to interview on Friday, so I guess I’ll know before or AFTER the weekend. I’m not going to stress about it. After years of stressing about stuff, I realize now that you can put out good stuff into the universe, and what you “want” to happen will either happen or not. No use stressing. So… until then I’ll make some more art. 🙂 I’ve been working at a long-term temp position doing the same sort of stuff but inside a corporation, and while I’ve been hoping that when my year is up (which will be some time in May), they will hire me, I was told by one of the people in the department “not to hold [my] breath” so I’ve instructed my placement agency to put their feelers out and submit my resume for positions that open up.

Well… I’ve babbled on like a brook, and it’s time to get to work… time is a-wasting.



1 thought on “Well, here goes nothing…

  1. Spike

    Hey howdy, artyfartychicky!

    Got your comment on my blog (Madwoman’s Lunchbox) and wanted to touch base.

    I’d love to swap ATC’s with you (your interpretation of the heart=love thing is terrific!)

    3/3? 4/4? No theme? Drop me a line at rees 3 at ionet dot net.

    e you around–

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