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Art, Healing & Dolls

When I first started making art dolls, the concept of art as a healing modality was not a new one to me. Last year the idea to combine art dolls and healing occurred to me as I pondered the use of dolls as fetishes, or as objects of directed (healing) intention or channelled healing energy. I decided that a journal to accompany the doll would be beneficial, to further expound upon the healing process desired by the artist, and for the contributing artists to share their stories in.

I took part in two groups and the last of the dolls from one of these groups is finally completed. I’ve had the doll for a long time now; she arrived around Thanksgiving, but due to some crazy work hours through until then end of January (when I finally basically had to drop one of my jobs due to exhaustion), and then slowing regaining my energy, creative and otherwise, I have completed work on the doll but must still finish the journal work.

When Lee Barker’s doll arrived, I felt that because I was the last person to work on the doll, and she seemed like she needed a finishing touch of some kind, I wanted to do something fabulous. I mulled it over and pulled out some beads and embroidery thread and got to it. It was minute work and my eyes just aren’t what they used to be… I have to pull my glasses OFF to do detail work and hold whatever I’m working on about 8 inches from my nose. I beaded and embroidered the bottom half of the doll, and added the hands and bracelets. I hope Lee will be pleased with the results.


Morning hours & nocturnal ATCs

It’s so nice and quiet in the mornings in our apartment. Today is Sunday, and even the usual hum of car traffic outside the patio window is at a minimum. The birds are chirping and singing. I am brewing a pot of coffee and will get up for a cup in a minute, but for now I’m savoring the peacefulness of this moment.

I completed my ATCs for the Belle Papier ATC swap for this month. The theme was night/nocturnal so I decided to make a card featuring the moon. I started with black cardstock, which I painted with Twinkling H2Os using a feather and a toothbrush. I holepunched a circle out for the moon, and inserted behind the hole a transparency I’d printed out with the moon’s image on it. Then I smeared the transparency with some mica dust and sandwiched a white card behind it. I like how they turned out. 🙂

I’m not sure what I want to do today. I half feel like going to take a class with Kelly Kilmer at A Little Bizaar in Lake Elsinore, but that would effectively take up my whole day, and I’m not sure I can afford to use up that much time on a single thing. I was thinking of driving out there anyway today, to go to the storage unit and get out a number of other boxes… things I keep wishing I could lay my hands on, but remember that they are waaaaay over in Murrieta, in the storage unit. All of my photos and memory books are over there, and I’ve been wanting to use some in my artwork lately. Usually the problem lies in convincing my hubby to drive out there and get more boxes out, because in his opinion, he feels were already have waaaay too much stuff in the apartment and garage as it is. And he’s probably right… but… 🙂

My son just got up… and the T.V. just went on. Well… off to get my cup of coffee.

Bright-eyed & bushy-tailed

Collage ATCs – Spring

I was up this morning at 5:30, mind brewing with artsy ideas. I’ve been working on my Collage ATCs for a swap that’s due next week, and I’ve completed winter and spring… and have summer and fall left. I’ve begun work on summer, and was anxious to get back to it. I had other ideas brewing overnight on another ATC project, which I must get in the mail today.

Collage ATCs – Winter

I was trying to figure out what it is that I like so much about making these little creations. I decided that because they are themed, the creative process is much easier for me to flow into, and so I can get started on the act of creating. Aside from that, they are such small works that I can get them done before I get bored with them. Yes, I have the attention span of a gnat, and as soon as I get bored, fogeddaboudit… it’s going to sit in an unfinished “to do” heap until I finally decide to “recycle” it. It probably has a lot to do with discipline (or lack of)… or perhaps it has to do with an active mind that constantly renews itself and things become old news pretty quickly. Perhaps a touch of adult ADHD?

While I was quite bright-eyed at 5:30, my cup of coffee doesn’t seem to be doing much for me this morning, and I’m sure that within another hour or so, I’ll be ready for a little nap.

Egads… my toe!

Well… I stubbed my toe last night, on my way onto the patio to drop the load of dirty clothes I was carrying into the washing machine. The darned patio door rail got in my way! 🙂 It’s ringed with purple today, and it’s one of three things… strained, sprained or broken… who could tell? Not much to do with a pinkie toe… except take some anti-inflammatories, put it on ice very once in a while and maybe down a margie with dinner tonight.

I received some more ATCs in the mail today. I love getting artsy things in the mail. Makes me feel loved (even if it meant that I traded, fair & square). I have some issues, as you may already have guessed. I figured I’d maybe post some of the older ATCs that I’ve done, for kicks ‘n jollies. This batch here was my very first swap. I’d never made them before and I was fully hooked. I got some very cool ones in return, too. I like the kind that are hand-made, or you can tell someone spent a bit of time on ’em, and added their “finger print” to them, if you know what I mean. What I find great about these things is that they’re small enough so that you don’t have to invest a WHOLE lot of time in them, but even a bit of time is sufficient to get some really cool real-honest-to-goodness art.

Alrightee then… I need to go take that ibuprofen I mentioned earlier… and maybe lay down a bit… I have a feeling we’ll be Mickie D’ing it instead of margarita-ing it, since tonight’s dinner plans will be established by my 9-yr old son, who worked really hard on his homework all week, and deserves a treat.

Productive weekend

Aye… I spent the weekend pounding away at my art projects, and I’ve just about got my head above water now. It’s fun, but when I get tired from doing so much art, I wonder… am I going it a bit much?

This afternoon I hand carved some stamps, for my black & white themed ATCs.

They are “Tree”, “At the Feet of the Moon”, “Pomegranate” and “Burka”. The last one was “Pomegranate”, and I discovered that I could use a specific bit to carve away the background better… I’ll be going back to clean the others up as well, although I really am going to let it rest for tonight. I’m tired and ready to turn in.

G’night all.

Almost there…

Geez… the weekend is a mere day away. I have a million and one art projects going at once, and I often wonder why I must put myself in this situation–the stress alone should drive me nuts, but it doesn’t. I learn that I am a master procrastinator, and that I procrastinate on the “important” things (like paying the bills, etc.) instead of my art projects (which, for the most part, are for pleasure only, mine or someone else’s). I’ve got my priorities straight.

I volunteered (and that is a correct term, seeing that the position is what business politely dubs an “internship”) to become the assistant to the art director and, a quarterly e-zine. It’s an awesome ‘zine and a great honor… but I have been burning the midnight oil sending requests to artists whose works I’ve found on the internet, requesting their permission to use them to illustrate the written pieces for the next issue. Well… it must’ve been beginner’s luck on the first one, because the person responded within minutes of my having sent the email out, but my luck has since run out, because I’ve sent several emails to several people and haven’t even gotten an email acknowledging receipt of my inquiry nor a polite blow-off. Granted that there is no monetary compensation for allowing us to post their art, but y’know, I’d be pretty flattered if someone were to email me out of the blue, asking if they could post *my* artwork in their e-zine. Especially this one, which happens to be a very quality publication.

I left the office this afternoon and was greeted by a sprinkling of rain as I walked from the building I work in to the parking structure. It’s either kicked into higher gear since then, or enough sprinkling has taken place that the roads are now properly wet, and the cars make a swooshing sound as they drive by my patio doors.

Gabriel (my nine year old) is crashed on the couch, after struggling through several sheets of third grader homework, and then asking if he could take a nap. The poor li’l guy has a stuffy nose and isn’t feeling his best, and I’m sure the medicine that he got from his dad just prior to my arrival home had taken effect and was knocking him out. I could never figure out why those things either knock you out or make you bounce off the walls… and I’m not sure which state I would find most preferable… neither one, really… extremes don’t appeal to me much, at least not these days.

As I stare down at the fourth (and final, at least for now) of the ATCs I mentioned in my post yesterday, I am about to succumb to the call not of the wild, but of slumber… at least until the hubby comes home.

Well, here goes nothing…

I’ve been meaning to keep a BLOG on my website (at, and started a quasi-BLOG under the “calendar” heading, but updating the sucker is too much of a pain in the booté, so I haven’t updated it since November. For shame! I figured this way, if it’s simple enough, I’d be more likely to post, and since my website is “supposed” to be somewhat professional (i.e., a showcase of my artwork, in the hopes of selling artwork and/or garnering gallery interest) perhaps it’s not the greatest venue to “display” my dirty laundry, so to speak.

So here I am. I am currently obsessed with ATCs (yes, an acronym for Artist Trading Cards) but I always bite a whole lot more off than I can chew at once. I signed up for a Yahoo Group of ATCers, and proceeded to sign up for a whole bunch of swaps… four of them, in fact, so I now have to make 4 sets of 4 cards for four separate swaps — hold on while I whip out my calculator…that’s a total of 64 cards. What was I thinking?! In any case, I have six sets of four made, so I’m a little less than halfway there.

I’m a nut when it comes to these things… I feel like I need to do something different. I read on another blog this evening (Madwoman’s Lunchbox) that a lot of the ATCs are looking very similar. I have to say, I agree. It’s tough when everyone shops at all the same stores, and every one of them has all of the same supplies, and everyone looks at all the same books and magazines for inspiration. I’ve read somewhere that artists usually start out by imitating the art of artists they admire, and then go on to find their own voice. I can see how it would be useful to “plagiarize” when experimenting with techniques and such, but then it would be nice to see the techniques personalized. I dunno… maybe I’m blowing hot air.

I’m getting really bored with the vintage photo stuff, especially when it’s not my own. I can get into them if they’re of my family, as they have personal meaning to me, but to slap someone else’s ancestors on my stuff… I’ve been there and done that, and so has everyone else.

I went to the art store the other day and saw a kit of oil paints on sale. Since I can’t resist a good deal (especially at the art store) I bought the kit. I proceeded to purchase several more tubes to outfit my “set” and will pull them out this weekend and experiment with them. I bought Duos a while back, and tried them, but I found them to be dry and lacking the lustrous glide that I remember oils as having. The painting turned out ‘okay’ but I don’t think it’ll be my medium of choice.

I have a threaded beading needle pinned to my shirt, ready to get to work on two more ATCs (as part of one of the aforementioned 4-piece sets). I like these, because I pulled a photo into Photoshop of a chest x-ray, and tinted the heart. This is, after all, a “love” themed ATC series, and I added the type “Where does LOVE come from?” along the left edge of the card… or… eeeer… well, since it’s fabric, I’m not sure “card” is entirely the correct term, but it is two-and-a-half inches by three-and-a-half inches.

I also went for a job interview today… a patent secretarial position at a local patent law firm (the job that allows me to pay the bills… and provides for my art store shopping visits). There’s another candidate that they are planning to interview on Friday, so I guess I’ll know before or AFTER the weekend. I’m not going to stress about it. After years of stressing about stuff, I realize now that you can put out good stuff into the universe, and what you “want” to happen will either happen or not. No use stressing. So… until then I’ll make some more art. 🙂 I’ve been working at a long-term temp position doing the same sort of stuff but inside a corporation, and while I’ve been hoping that when my year is up (which will be some time in May), they will hire me, I was told by one of the people in the department “not to hold [my] breath” so I’ve instructed my placement agency to put their feelers out and submit my resume for positions that open up.

Well… I’ve babbled on like a brook, and it’s time to get to work… time is a-wasting.