Lunar Eclipses and Other Wonders

I finally finished my three Lost Women of Juarez pieces, and brought them over to The Art Bar in Santa Ana this evening.

Lost Women of Juarez Series
The Bone Gatherers
Multimedia – Acrylics, image transfer
8″ x 8″ canvas

I hope that the pieces are sold as a trio, and bring in a decent sum for Casa Amiga. I was able to take a peek at some of the other pieces that have been dropped off so far, and the techniques and styles vary greatly. It will be quite a sight to see them all displayed, side by side, on a wall together. The exhibit starts on November 5th and runs for a week.

The moon was big and orange in the sky tonight, like a chunk of cheddar cheese. Last night I stepped outside after a massage, and looked up into the night sky in time to witness part of the lunar eclipse. I was amazed that it had stopped raining and the clouds cleared for long enough to indulge me with that sight.

Today I ran across an interesting website, while searching for information on Lilith. She has been whispering in my ear as of late, merging with a concept for a novel that I’ve been brewing for several years now, but have yet to seriously get started on. Most of the information that I found on the web somehow felt ‘wrong’ and so I was delighted to discover a website that portrayed her as an extraordinary being, but a being nonetheless, much like you or I. This new angle is at I read the excerpts on the site and was intrigued enough to order the manuscript.

It was amazing to see many of my own conclusions about many things right there, up front and center, such as the illusion of freedom, even in democracy and of the interconnectedness of everything, how we ARE the very fabric of the universe. I look forward to reading more.

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