Unsteadily Forward

I’ve been working on my Lost Women of Juarez pieces, and have almost finished with them. They are due next Thursday, and will be ready for sure by then.

Lost Women of Juarez — Victim No. 7
Third in a series of three
Multimedia – Acrylics, image transfer
8″ x 8″ canvas

I have been feeling sluggish lately. My excuse this time is that I’m coming down with something–or would if I let it. Large quantities of vitamin C and some Nyquil last night might have headed things off, but I’m feeling tired and cranky.

I also will begin working at a new job shortly, at a day spa here in Irvine, as a massage therapist. I’m very excited about the prospect, and look forward to learning new things as well, including incorporating body treatments into my practice. It’s a “girlie-girl” fun-fest. Last Tuesday was my first day of training. I love the products that we used in the treatments. Wonderful sensory overload. Next Tuesday is the second (and final) day of training, and then I’ll be ready for the new employee orientation the following Monday. I should be on the books shortly after that.

I signed up for a couple of ATC swaps, and have been working on those as well. The theme for one of them is “your favorite artist” and so I’ve begun painting little miniature watercolors with one of my favorite painters in mind: Gustav Klimt. I love his use of color. I have a funny story about him, or rather, about one of his portrait subjects. My first job as a young teenager was to work at a convalescent home for children. This job I secured through my cousin Zoli’s wife, Glenda. While working there, I came into contact with the “lady of the manor” who was an elderly Austrian lady called Madam Primavesi. I worked there for a few summers and winter breaks, and during that time I came to know that “Madam” had been painted by Klimt as a young girl, in a portrait entitled “Mada Primavesi.” I have since seen that portrait many times, and wondered what has become of it, and of the lady it portrayed.

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