Healing Art Dolls

For many months now, I’ve been taking part in a project that I put out a call for earlier this year — the Healing Art Doll Round Robin. In the gallery section of my website (at http://www.onesundayafternoon.com), you’ll be able to see a more detailed selection of the dolls and journals from the various artists in the two groups that I am in. However, I thought I’d post a photo of the dolls that I am currently working on. The doll in the forefront, with the purple “hair” is Connie Williams’ doll, who is in Group 6. She will be heading out to England this weekend, on to the next person. The doll to her left is my healing doll from Group 2, which has come home to me. And finally, not very visible but nevertheless present is Renata’s doll, from Group 6, to the far left, who I’ve added a head to but whose journal still needs to be worked in. I hope to send her off to England shortly as well.

This project has been a wonderful experience for me. When I put out a call to the various message boards that I subscribe to, I wasn’t certain I’d get any response. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many wanted to participate, and ended up with a huge list of people that eventually was broken down into six groups. As I’ve been working on the dolls and in the journals, I realize that healing is a universal concern to many people, to varying degrees of severity. I am honored to have been in such great company, and that all of the participants shared such personal and important parts of themselves. Blessings to all.


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