Cosmic Carpets and THE Moment

More than half a day has vaporized and other than putzing around on the computer, I have done little else. Piles of laundry abound, the carpeting is housing myriad civilizations of microscopic entities, art supplies bulge from the top of every available piece of livingroom furniture and line the pathways that connect them, and the dishwasher needs emptying so that I can reload it with the stuff that has overtaken the kitchen counter. And… my art stuffs are sitting placidly where I left them several days ago, patiently awaiting their next use.

I have much to do today, still, as I have to run and fill out paperwork for a new job, and then go get a pre-emp test done. Later, I will need to pack up my supplies for the classes that I’ll be attending in Lake Elsinore starting tomorrow and running through Monday, taught by Nina Bagley ( The site hasn’t been updated in a while, but it has some nice samples of her work. My son and I will also be staying with the Grands, so overnight bags will need to be packed, as well as a plethora of books and toys to keep an eight-year-old boy appropriately amused during the next three days.

Seems soon I’ll be an employed person, once again, after I complete some formalities (the aforementioned drug and TB test). It’s for a long-term temporary part-time position (whew! that was a mouthful, wasn’t it?) doing much the same sort of office work I was doing before, but with a corporation (versus at a law firm). It’s local, so my commute won’t be any better or worse than it was before, and I’ll have flexible hours. This is my dream scenario as it will allow me to bring in a solid paycheck every week, but I’ll also have time and energy for my artwork and other endeavors (including developing the fledgling massage practice I haven’t been paying much attention to lately). I’ve been a bit worried -okay, a LOT worried- about the lack of a second income, and panic was starting to set in at warp speed. Funny how something like that can keep my (both waking and slumbering) mind so preoccupied that I can barely enjoy my time off.

When… WHEN will I learn to simply live in the present, to savor every moment, instead of worry about what (has been or) will be happening?


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