Chasing my tail

Life’s tragedy is not so much how man suffers, but rather what he misses

~ Thomas Carlyle

    This quote spoke to me today, as I was thumbing through a book.

      I love books, and own many, many of them… (more than my husband would like me to, as we have to cart them around with us, every time we move). I was reflecting the other day that there is just -so- much information to absorb. And, of course, I want to learn it all.

        We are in the Age of Aquarius, which, they say, is the Age of Knowing. I can see how that would fit with the times, seeing that technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, and information is available at the touch of our fingertips. The magnitude of it all is at once awesome and paralyzing.

          There are moments when I feel like I’m not learning fast enough… that life is passing me by, and I’m not grasping and absorbing enough in the limited amount of time that I have here on this earth (and truly, do we ever really know -when- the time is up until it’s up?). What crucial thing am I missing that would be a tragic oversight on my part?

            At times I long for simpler times, when the influx of information was at a slow and digestible pace, and the pleasure of discovery was not overshadowed by an informational short-circuit due to overload. Blissful ignorance.

              On that note, I bid you all good night… here’s to knowing… and knowing when to stop.


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